"We are passionate about helping dynamic businesses to unlock their potential"

Starting from the first meeting, we will identify your needs and create a special package that best fits your business.

At White Cloud, we are interested in hearing about your business and your passion for what you do.


Unlike traditional accountants we will meet you at your place. This gives us a better feel and understanding of your business. 

We take a pride in what we do and would like you to share your passion and goals with us.

We focus on the accounting so that you can focus on your business.

We are a boutique accounting firm and specialize in a hands-on approach to all small and medium businesses. 


We are industry specialists in the Hospitality Industry.  We are not just accountants, but have considerable experience working in the industry.  We can tailor our services to your needs and give you the best possible solution for your business, including:

Industry Benchmarking

Budgeting and Cash-flow management

Systems Training

Waste management

Menu planning

Portion Control

Food Cost %

Pricing Strategy

Booking Systems


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Experts in the Property and Construction Sectors and have a wide

 knowledge of the property market.  Expertise with structures, property portfolio management and tax planning to build a successful portfolio and business. 


We help business owners to

make the right financial decisions in this industry and help set business goals.

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